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Admission Information of Chengdu Neusoft University

1.Charming Chengdu, once coming never say leave

Chengdu is the center of science and technology, finance, trade and commerce in the southwest China, and is the regional hub for communication and transportation. Its population has high proportion of science and technology skills and combined with large number of international financial institutions. Chengdu is the natural choice for businesses relocating to mid and western China.

Chengdu is core city of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, and the core node of One Belt and one Roadeconomic belt, is building the western economic core growth pole, building a modern international metropolis. In 2015,the conclusion of international friendship cities and the number of foreign consular offices in Chengdu ranks first in the Midwest China,the countrys third. It has opened more than 80 international flights,and is opening of two columns international trains.

As a city famous for its tourism and its historical culture, Chengdu boasts Three-Kingdom-Period Culture, Jinsha Relic, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and other historical sites. Given abundant tourist resources, Chengdu was honoured the "Best Tourism City of China" by the World Tourism Organization in 2006.

Chengdu is on the major route to Mt. Emei, Jiuzai Valley, Three Gorge and Tibet. It takes advantageous locations and has many famous tourism sites to visit. The Wuhou Temple, Dufu Thatched Cottage, Wangjian Tomb, Dujiangyan Irrigation Site and Qingcheng Mt. are just some of these 172 culture attractions. Chengdu is home of the Giant Panda and has the only Giant Panda Breeding Centre in the world, which is located at the north of the city.

In October, 2010, the "Forbes" published the next 10 years the fastest growing cities of the world ,  Chengdu ranked number one. In February, 2015, Chengdu was named by UNESCO as the Gourmet Capital of the World,is only one in Asia.


2.QingCheng Mount

The World Cultural and Natural Heritage

Mount Qingcheng, a renowned Taoist mountain in China, is situated on the suburbs of Dujiangyan City, and connected to Chengdu 70KM away by the Cheng-Guan Expressway.

1.600 meters above sea level, Mount Qingcheng is a lush green all the year round,surrounded by hill、water、ancient tree、and busy blossoms, and also for its nice and cool climate, it has long enjoyed the reputation as "the most serence retreat in the world."The Jianfu Temple、Tianshi Cave、and Shizu Hall are the existing well-known Taoist temple, and up in the Shangqing Temple,you may catch the view of such natural phenomena as sunrise, sea of clouds,and holy lights(the sparking phosphorescent glow in the evening woods).

3.About Chengdu Neusoft University

Chengdu Neusoft University(CNU), locating at Dujiangyan City of Chengdu,Qingcheng Mountain,which is one of the World's Natural&Culture heritages Chengdu Neusoft is in the Qingcheng beauty scene,with a coverage of 1 million square meters among which 60% area is used for education,R&D and IT clubs.Authorized by the State Minstry of Education,CNU is co-founded by Neusoft Group and Yida Group blazing the innovative educational mechanism and modes.With a perfect blend of science, nature and culture,CNU is delightful place to study.

As the first specialized IT higher education university in China, the first "Notebook" university,CNU believes“Education creates the value of students”and as an IT talent,only grasping the IT technology is not enough, students also are encouraged to improved their language and communication skills,organization and management skills, life education ability and so on. Therefore,in addition to IT technology,the university and teachers has put lots of energies on these aspects.In this sense,"education creates students’value" is the maximum value of the school and creates the student's competition power and survival ability in the society.Currently,more than 10,000 students are studying in our CNU.

4.University Courses

Undergraduate Courses In English (4 years)

                            Software Engineering Program

This course is the systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods, and experience to the design, implementation, testing, and documentation of software. The Bachelor's degree of Software Engineering program in CNU will prepare a student to master the basic theory of Software engineering, the analysis, design and development method to the general software and mobile applications, familiar with the popular platform and programming language, equipped with innovation ability, enterprising spirit, and the development practice experience. The highly foreign language aptitude and team spirit will also contribute to them to be the advanced software engineering applied talent.

Graduates of the Software Engineering Bachelor's program are trained to work on all aspects of the software product life cycle. They learn how to develop high-capacity computer software in a controlled, systematic and quantifiable manner and ensure it is reliable, efficient and economic. The typical job includes software engineer(includes Java Developer, Android Developer, iPhone Developer), software testing engineer, software QA engineer, software support engineer.

E-commerce Program

This course is designed for students who would like to obtain a Bachelor degree in the principle areas of E-commerce. This interdisciplinary program is suitable preparation for students who would like to become professionals in electronic commerce or want to pursue a general career in business. The degree consists of compulsory core subjects which include management, economics, marketing, computer programming skills and related subjects. The aim is to provide a foundation for the understanding of the business and commercial environment.

                                          Digital Media Technology

This course is designed for who would like to obtain a Bachelor degree in the principle areas of Digital Art. This interdisciplinary program is suitable preparation for students who would like to become professionals in digital media or want to pursue a general career in digital art. The degree consists of compulsory core subjects which include digital color, interactive media technology, Digital Image Processing Techniques, UI design and related subjects. The aim is to provide a foundation for the understanding of the digital media technology.

Chinese and Chinese Cultural Course ( half-year and one year available)

Chinese Courses give you the opportunity to experience university life in China while improving your language skills.As for beginners, it will develop your conversational Chinese in the first place, at the same time, your Chinese language skills, and also familiarize you with Chinese culture.

You will take 5 compulsory courses:

 Comprehensive Chinese

 Spoken Chinese

 Chinese Listening

 Chinese Reading

 Chinese Culture

The use of authentic materials in the classroom will develop your knowledge and understanding of practical everyday Chinese and also of Chinese life and culture. Tasks and situations set in and out the classroom will enhance your ability to use Chinese in daily life. Activities, in which both Chinese people and overseas students are involved, will provide abundant chances for you to communicate with natives and

"live" areal Chinese life.

The courses include 20-24 hours of classroom teaching per week. (Some Chinese Culture lessons would be outdoor or social activities.) 

Undergraduate Courses In Chinese (4 years, applicant should have HSK 5 Level )

Software Engineering (Computer Application Technology)

Software Engineering (Software Testing)

Software Engineering (Software Service Outsourcing to European&American)

Software Engineering (Software Service Outsourcing to Japan)

Software Engineering (Mobile and Internet Development Technology)

Computer Science and Technology (Embedded Software Development)

Digital Media Technology

Computer Science and Technology (Application System Development)

Information Management and Information System

Computer Science and Technology (Game Design)

Network Engineering (Internet of Things)

Network Engineering (Network Security Technology)

Network Engineering (System Integration)





Animation (Movie and Television)(Arts)

Product Modeling (Arts)

Information Security Technology

Computer Information Management

Computer Information Management (CRM)

Logistic Management

Financial Information Management (ERP)

Marketing and Planning (IT)

 5.Fees and cost

Undergraduate Courses In English (4 years)

Tuition Fees:  RMB 35000 per year

Scholarship:  RMB 10000 per year

Room Rate:  RMB 400 per month ( two-bed room) 


Chinese and Chinese Cultural Course ( half-year and one year available)

Tuition Fees:  RMB 12000 half year

              RMB 24000 one year

Scholarship:  RMB 3000 half year

             RMB 6000 one year

Room Rate:  RMB 400 per month ( two-bed room) 


Undergraduate Courses In Chinese

Tuition Fees:  RMB 28000 per year

Scholarship:   RMB 10000 per year

Room Rate:   RMB 400 per month ( two-bed room) 

6.Applying to study

Entry requirements

Applicants must more than 18 years old. Applicants must no criminal record. Applicants have sufficient funds to meet all costs of their study in China. This includes the cost of tuition, textbooks, clothing, food,accommodation, transportation, course materials and personal expenses.

How to apply

The steps below outline the process of applying to study at Chengdu Neusoft University. If you have any problems with your application please contact the International Development Center, or contact an agent in your country.

Step 1 Select your Course  

Details of Chengdu Neusoft University Chinese Course curriculum are available on our website

Step 2 Apply online  

Student can fill Applying Form online and can also apply through an authorized agent in your country.

Step 3  Submit your application and documents

Documents can be updated in the following formats: PDF, JPEG, TIF and GIF. If you need assistance completing your application please visit one of our authorized agents.

Step 4 Application assessment

Chengdu Neusoft University will send you and your agent an email within 2 working days confirming that we have received your application form. The email will contain your reference number and contact details. You should take special note of the Chengdu Neusoft University Application Reference Number as you will need to quote this in any correspondence while the application is being assessed.
We will inform you if your offer has been successful as soon as possible.
Please note, it may take up to 6 weeks.

Step 5 Offer Letter sent

You will be sent an Offer Letter for your chosen course and Visa Application Form for Study in China. You will then need to follow the instructions on how to accept your offer, obtain a student visa, payment of tuition fees, other required fees and related information.


Chengdu Neusoft University · International Office

Address: Building A2-308, CNU, No.1 Neusoft Road, Qingchengshan, Dujiangyan,Chengdu, Sichuan 611844, P.R.China

Tel: +86-28-64888032

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