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Chengdu Neusoft University Student Awarded Third Prize in Outlook English Contest 2012
2012/6/12 8:50:37  :品牌经营部  :  

On June 2, the final of Outlook English Contest for 2012 in Sichuan Province was held in Chengdu Yidong International Hotel.  
    CCTV Outlook English Contest is a nationwide television English competition sponsored by CCTV Social & Science Program Center. Forty candidates from various levels of universities and colleges in Chengdu and other regions of this province take part in this competition. Zhao Zhangqi, a first year college student majoring in embedded software programming from Chengdu Neusoft University, has won the third prize in the final match of Sichuan Province, after a two-month struggle through the preliminary and semi-final.

    The final consists of three parts: prepared speech, spontaneous speech and answering questions. Miss Zhao presented the judges and audience a natural and wonderful prepared speech enlightened by a simple card magic show, which was warmly welcomed by the audience for its originality and uniqueness.

In the part of spontaneous speech, Miss Zhao delivered a smooth speech entitled finding a Suitable Job. After that, she voiced her personal opinions on the question raised by judges: Is it essential to have a university education to get a good jobHer confident and smooth delivery won her much support from judges and audience.

After the contest, the third-prize winner extended her heartfelt gratitude to the leaders and teachers of Neusoft for their constant encouragements and help. She also expressed that she will further improve herself after the competition and hope she would make bigger progress next time. By doing so, she would make her contribution to the internalization of Neusoft.